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What's your idea for the next great mint?
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53 months ago
Small pic mints

From swirled and striped peppermints to Mentos, Tic Tac, and Altoids, the mint has always been an important part of the confectionary landscape. Our company has lots of mint products available on a global basis, but we have found that we have the most long term success with products that are truly unique when compared to the competition.

We want your ideas for the next mint product that will stand out from everything else out there. We're looking for outside the box, from the mint itself to the overall packaging and branding.


Tell us about your idea for a truly unique mint that will appeal to Millennials like you. In your answer, include the following:

  1. The big idea:

    • What should we call this new product?

    • Why are Millennials drawn to it?

    • How is your product different from the current offerings, and why is that difference