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What do you (and older generations) know about mortgage products?
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62 months ago
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The world of mortgages and home ownership is one that hasn’t been commonly explored by college students. Despite what current students might think, chances are you will eventually be well-versed in what it means to refinance and you'll even know the difference between an FHA and conventional loan.

Since we at Nationstar connect people to mortgages at the best possible values, we want to make sure we have a grasp on our customers' understanding of these products! It’s not only important for us to understand what you, as a future home owner, think about your future mortgage, but we also want to know what your parents, family, professors, and elders think as well.


Part I:

A. Call or set a time to talk with a parent, family member, professor, or anyone over the age of 40 and ask them them to explain 5 terms commonly used