US Solvers: Can you name our new portable, pocket-sized, fragrance spray?
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This challenge is for US Solvers Only.

We are a deodorant and fragrance brand geared toward high school and college aged guys. We’re all about attraction and helping guys stay confident and fresh in any situation, and we have a new exciting product hitting shelves in 2019 that will do just that. The product is a slim, portable fragrance pump spray that fits easily in the back or front pocket of jeans. We need your help giving this product a name that will appeal to young guys and clearly explain the product's functional benefit as an easy, on-the-go fragrance.

Here is an image of the product.


Please submit your product name for our new portable spray, and include in your submission the following:

  1. Explain why your product name would be a great fit for this unique and convenient fragrance spray.
  2. Make the case for why your product name would be appealing to young guys who are trying to stay confident and fresh in the dating game.

Considerations: We want your product name to truly resonate with high school and college aged guys.  Draw inspiration from key cultural references – particularly in music, gaming, and sports.  We are looking for a name that is trendy, clever, and/or special to this product in some way.  Top submissions will demonstrate thought behind their idea.  Any submissions that include profanity or sexual references will be rejected from consideration.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Overall Quality
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