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Can you name our new glass-ceramic product?
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44 months ago
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We want to hear YOUR ideas for what we should name our new product.  Please consider the following information about the product itself, the target audience, and naming guidelines as you propose a name that will best represent this product.

Product Details: 

  •  The product is a flat and very thin panel of glass-ceramic.
  • While it can vary in size, the glass-ceramic panel can be as large as the biggest kitchen islands or countertops
  •  It has the unique capability to function as both a countertop and a cooking surface.
  • The material itself and thinness enable induction cooking as well as other advanced technologies such as LEDs, touch control, projected screen, wireless charging of various devices such as smartphones, etc.
  • It offers new design possibilities as it seamlessly integrates the cooking area into the countertop/table/ island area.
  • The product can be of virtually any color or pattern.
  • The seamless integration and ultra sleek design make it easy to clean and maintain.