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Help us engage younger Americans on the problem of a growing national debt
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20 months ago
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NOTE: This challenge is open to US college students and recent graduates. No other submissions will be accepted. 

The generation of Americans in college or just beginning their professional lives will be the one facing the greatest impact of a large increase in the national debt. However, it is difficult to make the  case to individuals that they have a tangible, individual economic stake in seeing the national debt problem addressed, especially when the solutions sometimes seem to involve tangible economic "pain." The Concord Coalition wants to hear ideas on how to best engage younger Americans on these issues.

At The Concord Coalition, we have engagement tools, such as an interactive budget exercise and chart presentations, and we regularly facilitate forums with policy experts and former members of Congress. However, we find that large numbers, like the $22 trillion total national debt, can be difficult to grasp at an individual level. When you hear a