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What are your expectations for natural pet food?
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52 months ago
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Consumer preferences for pet food used to lean towards formulations based on science.  In the 'science' trend of pet food, ingredients are uniquely optimized for pets and the resulting benefits are made clear to consumers.  For example, a dog owner might purchase a lab-based pet food containing fatty acids with the understanding that it would help make the dog's coat healthy and soft. 

These days, we see the natural trend overtaking the science trend, as consumers now prefer pet food they consider more 'human,' with higher-end, fully transparent ingredients.  However, unlike in the science trend of pet food, the real benefits of natural pet food to one's pet are not as obvious.  So, what are consumers really expecting when they purchase a natural pet food?  What outcomes are they looking for?


As a pet food company, we want to better understand consumer preferences and expectations when it comes to natural pet food.  Specifically, answer the following: 

Part 1: What are consumers expecting when they buy natural pet food?

  • Why do many consumers choose natural pet food? 
  • Do consumers expect certain outcomes from natural pet food (for example: benefits to their pet)?  
  • If so, which outcomes are most valuable to consumers?  

Part 2: What is your new idea for natural pet food?

  • There are many options for consumers to choose from when it comes to natural pet foods.  What is your creative idea for something that HAS NOT YET been introduced in the natural pet food market? 
  • Your idea could relate to ingredients, benefits of the pet food, how information about natural pet food is shared with consumers, etc.  The key is to think creatively about how a pet food company could enhance the natural pet food itself or the consumer experience with it.  What are we missing, or what could we do better, in the natural pet food space?  

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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