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What can St. Ives do to help the world?
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61 months ago
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Many brands are becoming more socially conscious and making bold moves to positively affect the people and environments involved with their products. Lipton tea is making sure it’s practices remain sustainable through it’s Rainforest Alliance project. Burt’s Bees has a Wild for Bees initiative to save the world's declining Bee populations.

St. Ives looking for the best way to help the world and have a real impact on the people around us. A challenge that only a brand with resources can solve. Like making sure that the ingredients we have are sourced responsibly and sustainably helping those who harvest them prosper or we can bring nature closer to people in the cities as it is proven to make them happier.

Therefore our question is: what can be our mission (with a tangible measurable impact ie: Improving the life of 2 million farmers) to improve the world that represents our natural principles as a brand? Think big or small, we want to hear it!