What new products would encourage Millennials to consume more beans?
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Many people know Bush Brothers for our wide range of baked bean products. However, we have broadened our product offerings to include other types of beans like black beans and pinto beans, as well as other pulses like chickpeas, blackeye peas, butter beans, crowder peas, and more.

Bean consumption among the younger generations is on the rise, based in part on their health and wellness benefits, versatility, and variety. As we look to the future, we see innovation across these bean types along with their pulse counterpart, lentils.


At Bush Brothers, we want your ideas for new product offerings we can launch in the next three to five years, with a focus on encouraging more consumption from Millennial consumers. Help us by answering these questions:

  1. What are some new products we can introduce? Explain each product's ingredients and why it will appeal to a Millennial consumer. Also, indicate whether this product is one other companies already have on the market.
  2. For your proposed product(s), how are you using it today?
  3. Beyond new products, what else can Bush Brothers do to encourage Millennials to eat more beans and pulses? Consider changing behavior through marketing, storytelling, and other forms of influence.


- Think out of the box! Make sure you're offering ideas that aren't already covered by the existing Bush Brothers product line.

- Solutions can fall into any bean or pulse category.

- Please be consistent with the Bush Brothers brand.

- Bush's isn't just canned beans. Check out our new hummus mix kits to get an idea of just one potential area you can focus on.

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