What is your new idea for products to help unwind and relax for sleep?
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16 months ago
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Aveeno is a well-known skin care brand with products for body and face.  We want to offer an exciting new product that offers skin, body and mind benefits specifically around nighttime to help relax and unwind and prepare to sleep!   While top product ideas will fit with the Aveeno brand, we are wide open to ideas that may come in a totally new form than the Aveeno products you see on shelves today (lotions, creams, etc.)!  Please make sure to tell us why your exciting idea could only be brought to life by Aveeno!


Begin by answering the survey questions.  Then answer the deliverable questions below in the large open text box. 

Propose your new product idea that would relate to both skin care and preparing for sleep by answering the following: 

  1. What is the form of your new product idea? (lotion, cream, spray, something totally new?)
  2. How would your product be used?
  3. How does your product relate to both getting to sleep and skin care?  (Please note that skin care benefits may be indirect depending on the type of product idea you propose.)
  4. Why will your product be a great fit with the Aveeno brand?  (i.e. why would it make sense for Aveeno to bring this product to consumers)
  5. Optional: Tell us about any additional benefits of your product (aka convince us why it's awesome!)

Considerations: We are not looking for medication ideas to help you sleep.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Ownability
  • Actionable
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