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Generate the Perfect Name for a New University
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76 months ago
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A new global technology, art, and design university is being "forged" by bringing high quality, private colleges and universities together into one common network. Focused on the intersection of leading technology, art, and design fields, students will benefit by being part of a rich global community of like-minded students, faculty, and industry partners.

We are looking to you to help us identify the perfect brand name for this new University that can be applied to each member of the network. This is an opportunity to create a powerful, memorable, and appropriate name / moniker that applies to a global university that will be at the forefront of innovation.


Propose 3 names that communicate the values and goals of the University (see additional information below).

1. Students will be able to move freely between the physical campus locations while pursuing their bachelor or masters degrees, participate in industry projects with leading employers, and benefit b