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How can we help you set goals and track your new year resolutions better?
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Fitness goals, health goals, work goals, personal goals - many of us work on setting these up before the new year. Some of us stick to them but most of us drop out at some point during the year. A stat we read is that more than half of all resolutions fail! We want your ideas on how we can help you make and also keep track of your new year goals/resolutions.

We want your ideas on a product (digital or physical) that would help you:

  1. Set goals
  2. Track goals
  3. Achieve your goals 
  1. What is your idea for a product (digital or physical) that will help you set your goals?

    1. Please describe your idea in detail
    2. What are the features of your product? Bonus points for mock-ups, sketches, references 
  2. How will your product also help you track goals?

    1. Is there anything specific your idea will help track?
    2. What features of your product will help track your progress
  3. How will your product help achieve your goals? 

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