Enter the 2018 Acme employee product innovation challenge
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At Acme, we are known as the global leader in adding rocket propulsion and explosive to technology to common products. From rocket-powered roller skates and exploding tennis balls to jet-propelled unicycles, our products take your run-of-the-mill household items from everyday to extraordinary.

However, in recent years we have realized that the items we improve through rocket propulsion haven't kept up with recent trends in consumer products. Our best sellers have predominantly been traditional consumer products, such as golf balls. We think there are newer products on the market that could benefit from the Acme makeover.


Tell us your idea for adding rocket propulsion to new consumer products. Specifically, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What consumer product(s) would you augment with rocket propulsion? 
  2. Who would the target market be for your rocket-propelled item(s)? 
  3. Provide visuals that illustrate how a rocket propulsion system could be safely retrofitted onto your proposed product(s).