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Propose a new non-alcoholic or low alcohol beverage
Challenge Type: product
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The global market for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages is experiencing significant growth, driven by changing consumer behaviors, values, health consciousness, and innovative product offerings. This trend is reshaping the beverage industry landscape, presenting new opportunities for companies operating in this space, such as RTD mocktails, low/no alcohol ciders, etc. We are excited to hear your ideas for new non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks for this market!

Specifically, we would like you to focus your idea on one of the three options below:

1) A reduced alcoholic drink with functional ingredients that are enjoyable AND are good for the body or mind. The drink should also be low in sugar and have an interesting flavor profile

2) A non alcoholic or low alcohol fusion/mixed drink that provides a pleasurable experience while socializing with friends and family in different settings (indoors, outdoor events, clubs, etc.). The flavor profile should be bold and highlighted.

3) A premium drink with low alcohol content that would be popular among peers. The type of drink that if posted on social media, it would generate intrigue and signal sophistication.

  1. Select one of the 3 drink options above & propose an innovative idea that you haven't seen sold in the market for a new low alcohol or non alcoholic beverage that satisfies the requirements in your chosen option.

    • What makes your idea stand out in this market?
    • What flavors, ingredients would you use?
    • When or in what occasion should your idea be used?
  2. Explain how your idea satisfies the requirements listed in the beverage option you chose to answer.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
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Next 7.5%
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will share $200
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
Leaders will be displayed here once submissions are reviewed.
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