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Can you imagine a nostalgic new food?
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48 months ago
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The idea of nostalgia has become a growing consumer trend as more people seek wholesome entertainment, reminders of childhood, and fun, playful foods and drinks. Millennial and Gen Z culture has been instrumental in this re-imagining of the past, often referencing the ideas of yesteryear to create new and unique interpretations of their own.

Food and beverage product lines are jumping on the nostalgia trend with old-school packaging and throwback products, such as greeting cards made from reused packaging, Nerd candy original flavors, and bakery cookies with Nintendo designs. We want YOUR ideas on how to leverage the appeal of nostalgia by introducing a new food form that is reminiscent of days gone by.


Propose a new food form with a nostalgic twist. If your idea incorporates or is based off of a pre-existing item, please make sure your id