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What is your tasty, nutrient-dense food idea - FOR KIDS?
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3 months ago
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We recently launched a challenge seeking your ideas for tasty and convenient nutrient-dense foods.  Today, we are interested in new food concepts that are nutritionally powerful but geared specifically towards kids!  New food ideas should be something that would be appealing to kids aged 6-17 (or the parents shopping for them!).  They need to be easy to eat, tasty, and presented in an appealing way.  

Your new food idea might build off of an existing food offering by enhancing it's nutrient density / benefits,  or it could be a completely new food concept that you've never seen before on shelves.  The more creative and unique the idea, the better.

Additionally, we want you to focus on nutrient-dense foods that offer functional benefits.  Functional foods go beyond basic nutritional requirements to deliver a specific, positive impact on your health.   Functional