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How can NYCFC improve brand awareness among Millennials?
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New York City FC are an expansion team who joined MLS in 2015. They are jointly owned by the New York Yankees and City Football Group, which owns Manchester City in the English Premier League. NYCFC recently started its third competitive season after reaching the playoffs in 2016. Their team roster includes former FIFA World Cup winners David Villa (Spain) and Andre Pirlo (Italy), as well as a number of promising, young American players.

The team attracts, on average, 27,000 fans to each of its Yankee Stadium home games, but can accommodate as many as 49,000. We want you to develop a marketing campaign that will excite and motivate busy Millennials in New York to travel to Yankee Stadium to watch NYCFC.


Provide a detailed idea for ways we can bring more Millennials in New York to Yankee Stadium for NYCFC matches. If you wish, you can pick out a particular match, but we are really interested to see how you would promote the soccer experience generally. Specifically, include the following in your response:

  1. How would you advertise NYCFC matches to Millennials? What makes watching a match and being at a stadium unique? Which media channels would you use to reach people like you and your friends?
  2. Design an advertisement that will increase Millennial interest in NYCFC matches at Yankee Stadium. It can be a subway ad, billboard, social media post, magazine ad, or some other form but pick a medium that will be visible to you and your friends. Show us what it looks like and where it would be featured!
  3. What would convince Millennials to watch a live NYCFC match instead of doing anything else?
  4. How can we create a Fear of Missing Out at NYCFC games?

CRITERIA: Be creative -- we want to see visuals!


    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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