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Can you envision the office workspace of the future?
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27 months ago
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The traditional office landscape looks very different today than it did in 1998!  Currently, you might not be surprised to see an electronic whiteboard, a "smart" standing desk with customizable desk height and activity tracking capabilities, and you may not find a copy machine or printer anywhere!

We want you to imagine walking into an office workspace 10 or 20 years from today.  What do you see around you?  How are things working? What new technologies, appliances, and office workspace features do you envision?  


We are interested in the office workspace of the future 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.  Share your vision for the office workspace of the future by answering the following: 

  1. What technologies, features, appliances, capabilities, etc. do you envision for the office work