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What's your great idea for a new onion or garlic- based product?
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29 months ago
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Olam International is the world’s largest vertically integrated producer of dried onion and garlic including planting, harvesting, and processing.  Our dried onion and garlic are produced in a range of sizes from powder to sliced and various sizes in between.  While you will not see the Olam name in stores, our product is on the store shelves in bottles and in finished product formulations used by large and small food companies.  Olam also produces a line of frozen onion and garlic purees for industrial customers.  Please see our website for more information on our onion & garlic product line.

Please see our website for more information on our onion & garlic product line.


Requested Deliverables:

We are looking for innovative ways or new formats to deliver onion and garlic to customers. Submit an idea for a new onion or garlic-based food product that would utilize our dried onion or garlic as one of the top components.  Please include:

  • A written description of the product.
  • A picture or artistic rendering of the concept
  • Other ingredients that would be needed in addition to onion or garlic


  • We are not interested in application ideas, for example Roasted Garlic Potato Chip Seasoning or Chipotle Onion Salsa
  • Ideas should be a new format of delivering onion and garlic to the market place that will allow us to leverage our expertise and vertical integration in onion and garlic.  
  • Ideally the intended market would be North America, but Olam is a global company so ideas could be for another market.
  • The idea can be either a consumer end-product for retail or for a food service/restaurant application. 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $1,000
Next 15%
will share $400
Next 25%
will share $200
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
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