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Propose a unique new application for amazing OLED lighting technology
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54 months ago
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OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) for lighting are small area glass pieces or flexible materials coated in organic materials that produce (emit) light. OLEDs are used to emit light in new ways. Some of the key benefits of OLED over other lighting systems such as LED include:

- NO Ultra Violet rays: OLEDs emit no UV rays with minimal infrared rays.

- NO Heat Sinks Required: Unlike LED’s, OLEDs are very cool to the touch and emit very little heat.

- Lumens and efficacy: While LEDs can function with very high lumens output, OLED’s offer a lower, gentler lumens light output, and with a good lumens per watt efficacy range.

- Lifetime: OLEDs have excellent lifetimes compared to traditional lighting technologies.

- No Shadows: Wide and excellent dispersion of light, eliminating harsh shadows.

- Great Color possibilities: OLEDs can be pro