CEO Challenge: How might we simplify onboarding for new members?
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25 months ago
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At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, we pride ourselves on always putting our members first. However, we also strive to constantly improve our practices. In this case, we’re looking for new ideas to simplify our onboarding process to make new members feel welcome from day one.

What steps can we take to ensure new members immediately feel like they're part of the BCBSMA family. What products, services, or solutions can we incorporate to simplify this experience?

Think about your onboarding experiences outside of BCBSMA to inform your submission. Interview colleagues about their experiences outside of BCBSMA as well. This challenge is coming straight from our CEO, so let your voice be heard!

To participate in this challenge, please share your ideas by completing the deliverable items listed below. Enter your response into the text box or attach a PDF document containing your response.


1. Interview! Ask other people (friends, family members, strangers) about their best/worst/simplest/most complicated onboarding experiences. Use your empathy skills to dig for stories. What made these experiences amazing, terrible, or somewhere in between?

2. Propose a solution! What new practices, products, or services can we employ to simplify and improve our new member onboarding process? Use the insights you gained from your interviews to inform your response.

Ideas will be judged on three criteria of equal weight:

- Desirability (what's best for the end user, regardless of our ability to implement)

- Feasibility (technological ability to implement)

- Viability (sound business plan with potential ROI)

Click here to view an example of a great solution from a previous challenge.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Winner receives $1,000
Rewards will be handled by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
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