Take Our Packaging to the Next Level - Coffee, Pet Treats, & Medicines
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Sonoco manufactures a wide range of packaging products. 1. Paper-based composite cans (like Pringles) , 2. Flexible film pouches (like Oreos or Eight O’clock Coffee), 3. Plastic containers (like a jar of Planters peanuts, a Tic Tac container, or the plastic around a USB flash drive). When designing packaging solutions, Sonoco always considers the usability and experience for the end consumer.

One of the most important aspects of the consumer’s experience is the opening / re-closing of the package and how you dispense products out of the packaging. We’re looking for your ideas on exciting new opening/closing features for three particular product areas - A. Ground Coffee B. Pet Treats and C. Over-the-Counter Medicines.


Select one of the five package types (1-3) in the attached document and then choose one product area (A, B, C).

1. List the package type (1-3) and product type (A-C) that you have chosen. If you chose C. over-the-counter medication, also describe what type (capsules, syrup, lozenges, etc.)

2. Describe how the package opens, and why this is a desirable feature for this package and product combination.

3. Describe how the product is removed from the package. If it makes sense to measure the product as it comes out (dosing), describe how that works.

4. Describe how the package is closed or re-sealed. What are main benefits of this sort of reclosing mechanism?

5. A sketch, mockup, or rendering that illustrates your design and functionality

6. A list of benefits to the consumer versus current solutions in the market.

What to Avoid:

· We make packaging, not the product inside. We are not interested in changes to the packaging contents, only the function and appearance of the package materials themselves for existing products.

· Electronic packaging or active packaging

· Glass or metal package formats


Top ideas will be novel, increase the product’s appeal, and cost-efficient


We recommend you browse the grocery aisle and perhaps purchase one or more of these products and use them. What do you like and not like about how it opens, how you control the product coming out and how you close the container back up? Do you feel like the quality of the packaging lives up to the quality of the contents? Do you think improving the package would create more appeal for the product inside? What have you seen in other products or packages that you think would work well here?

Reminder: By submitting a solution, you agree that the intellectual property contained therein is assigned to Sonoco for use as they see fit.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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