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Take Our Packaging to the Next Level - Coffee, Pet Treats, & Medicines
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68 months ago
Small pic packaging design

Sonoco manufactures a wide range of packaging products. 1. Paper-based composite cans (like Pringles) , 2. Flexible film pouches (like Oreos or Eight O’clock Coffee), 3. Plastic containers (like a jar of Planters peanuts, a Tic Tac container, or the plastic around a USB flash drive). When designing packaging solutions, Sonoco always considers the usability and experience for the end consumer.

One of the most important aspects of the consumer’s experience is the opening / re-closing of the package and how you dispense products out of the packaging. We’re looking for your ideas on exciting new opening/closing features for three particular product areas - A. Ground Coffee B. Pet Treats and C. Over-the-Counter Medicines.


Select one of the five package types (1-3) in the attached document and then choose one product area (A, B, C).

1. List th