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Rethink the bakery to encourage healthier eating
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76 months ago
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One of the biggest advantages Panera has over its competitors is the array of delicious, freshly-baked items it showcases in its unmistakable bakery display. Customers pass the bakery as they place orders, making it one of the first interactions customers have with Panera’s food. Knowing that, Panera wants to help its customers live in a healthier world, where wellness and integrity are key.


Propose an overhauled Panera bakery display or bakery experience that will change the way people think about bakeries. Reimagine the presentation of the restaurant bakery display, focusing on the physical, three-dimensional space. Do not focus on the specific products in the bakery, but rather how they are offered, the theatre, the visual cues of a good-for-you bakery, the overall presentation and interaction, be they trays versus individual plates, how it might be staffed and serviced, what you might call out, like raw ingredients, or other cues you find important. Your solution would make people wanting to lead healthier, more joyful lives engage with a bakery. Your solution should include:

Your solutions should include:

(1) A description of how you would change the current Panera bakery display and/or experience.

(2) An explanation of what your changes would accomplish, the reasoning behind them, and what current issues they seek to address (portion control, fiber or sugar consumption, etc.)

(3) Any relevant images, diagrams, or visual a