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Can you share your ideas for passion-driven travel?
Challenge Type: business
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56 months ago

In the travel and hospitality business, we see travel trends emerging each year.  One recent and growing trend is that travelers are interested in trips that are centered around the things they like to do or are passionate about instead of focusing on "must see" / touristy sites and activities in a location.  For example, a traveler may choose to plan a cooking tour around Italy because they love to learn about making and eating great food rather than visit The Colosseum, The Vatican, and the David.


We want to hear about a trip you've taken that centered around your interests and passions as well as your ideas that will make it easier for others to do the same!

  1. Tell us about your trip that centered around something you love to do.  Specifically, answer parts a-d below: 
    1. What is your interest / hobby / passion that was the focus of your trip?
    2. How did you get inspired to take this trip? (i.e. how did you learn about it or first become interested in it)
    3. Describe the moment you decided to book your trip. (i.e. what tipped the scales for you)
    4. Who or what were the biggest influences on you when planning what you were doing on/for your trip? (e.g. family, friends, bloggers, influencers / IG, websites, etc.)  What do they know/share that impacts what you pick?
    5. How did your trip compare with your expectations going in?  Was it below, at, or above your expectations?  Why?
  2. What is your idea for a new product, service, or travel offering that could be offered to travelers to help them take a trip that focuses on their passion?


  • Please keep in mind that your passion / hobby / interest does not need to be a physical activity that you do, such as hiking, biking, etc.  You might be passionate about food or art or a particular culture/language...there are many possibilities!
  • Avoid: We are not interested in ideas for luggage, packing, airport security / flight delays / flight cost.
  • You are expected to answer both deliverables 1 and 2 to receive a high score in the Meets Deliverables category
  • We are excited to hear the details of your answers, but please keep in mind that top submissions will be written clearly and concisely.  
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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$58.80 Arese Ediae University of Alabama at Huntsville
$58.80 Matthew Gaiser Queen's University
$58.80 Joshua Y. Ansong UMaT
$58.80 Sandy Bennett Open University, UK
$58.80 Gael Shama Minnesota State University Moorhead
$58.80 Ryann Overbay Oxford Brookes University
$58.80 Corbin Bridge University of Nevada, Las Vegas
$58.80 Jarric Ramos University of California, Irvine
$58.80 kyle wolff columbia college chicago
$58.80 Samantha Slama Marist College at Poughkeepsie
$58.80 Kristy Ng Ryerson University
$58.80 Addy Strickland St. Francis Xavier University
$58.80 Bridgette Hilton Liberty University
$58.80 Megan Lynch University of Connecticut
$58.80 Rave Lamba Queen's University
$58.80 Shawn Hillier College of the Holy Cross
$58.80 Sharicia Mason Jacobs University Bremen
$16.00 Grace M. Florida State University
$16.00 Karen Miller West Virginia University
$16.00 Kunal Sajnani Kaplan University
$16.00 Courtney Joshua University of Winnipeg
$16.00 Susan Dunn Penn Foster
$16.00 Erika Fletcher Liberty University
$16.00 Zahra Dry University College London
$16.00 Emmanuel Oteng Wilson University Of Energy and Natural Resources
$16.00 Sonali yadav mumbai university
$16.00 Yanqing Liang Stevens Institute of Technology
$16.00 Rowena P University College London
$16.00 Vaibhav Mehrotra Manipal University
$16.00 Niranjan Jha IIM Calcutta
$16.00 Julia Nati Erasmus University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
$16.00 Gandhari Nawalage University of Nottingham Malaysia
$16.00 Edwin Okero Egerton university.
$16.00 Haley Rasmussen University of Minnesota
$16.00 Emily Hsiao University of California at Berkeley
$16.00 Andrea Markowski University of Oregon