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How can we quickly connect new cancer patients to patient communities?
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38 months ago
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Receiving a lung cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. Not only do patients have to quickly come to terms with cancer, they have to figure out how to process vast amounts of the available information about their diagnosis. What's the biology behind the disease? Which treatments will they pursue? Which online communities can they turn to for support? The list of questions is long, and the answers aren't always easy to find.

Being an informed patient who regularly interacts with a community of fellow patients and survivors makes a great deal of difference. Patients deserve access and perfect information before they have a treatment discussion with their doctor. These patients are more likely to be advocates for their own health and treatment. We want to connect patients to form a community that can make treatment and recovery better for everyone.


Help us take people with newly diagnosed lung cancer and connect them in an elegant way. Specifically, answer the following questions in detail: