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What features do you want in a wearable for dogs?
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47 months ago
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Calling all pet parents and dog lovers alike!  You may be familiar with wearable technology for pets. Similar to a FitBit, today's pet wearables come equipped with capabilities such as location tracking, activity-level and health monitoring, and some can even aid in training (ex: a wearable that emits vibrations for behavior conditioning).  As wearable devices for pets grow increasingly popular, we want to create THE wearable that dog owners will be dying to have!


We are interested in the features of a dog wearable that would make pet parents excited to buy it and continue to use it.  Specifically, please answer the survey questions and the following three short-answer questions in the open text box: 

  1. What kind of feedback would you be most interested in receiving from your dog's wearable device?  This could be feedback that is offered in wearables today, or something totally new that isn't available yet!
  2. Imagine you have heard about a new dog wearable that you HAVE to have.  What features and functions does it offer that make you want to buy it?  
  3. Think about the features / functions of a dog wearable that you would get the most use out of as a dog owner.  Now complete this sentence: "I would have my pet wear the device all the time if it only did  ___________"
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
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$6.10 S Penn Foster
$6.10 N University of business
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$6.10 T Duke University
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$6.10 P Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University