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Reimagining the future pharmacy experience
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Almost everyone has had an experience related to prescription medications. This could mean getting a prescription refilled, finding an in-network pharmacy, comparing costs, or just making sure your medication needs are covered in your health plan. Whether or not that experience was positive is another question entirely.

When it comes to prescription medications, a user-friendly, streamlined experience is still something companies are striving to provide.

With this in mind, we are looking for innovative ideas to shape the future of pharmacy. Specifically, we would like you to focus on experience ideas for when prescriptions are needed to treat acute & chronic conditions:

  • Acute care example - such as “I have a sore throat and need to get a one-time prescription filled”
  • Chronic care example - such as “My high blood pressure requires multiple prescriptions that will regularly need to be renewed and refilled”

1) Propose your idea for what the ideal pharmacy experience of the future looks like. In your answer, explain how your idea will help address one or more of the following activities that a patient might be looking to complete:

  • Select the right kind of pharmacy coverage 
  • Access medications (e.g., in person pick up, drive-up pick up, home delivery, etc.)
  • Schedule refills for medications
  • Obtain approval for a prescription (e.g., prior authorization)
  • Select which therapies/medications to use (e.g., Understand correct use of medications, side effects, drug/drug interactions)
  • Track and manage medications 
  • Pay for medications

2) For your selected type of care (e.g., acute, chronic) what are the most important moments in the pharmacy experience to improve for? Explain your reasoning

Remember, we are looking for ideas to help imagine the future of the pharmacy experience. We encourage you to think outside the box and propose ideas that are novel & innovative! Feel free to attach any sketches, storyboards, renderings and more in your submission that help communicate your idea.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Human-centered - e.g., benefit to customer, how well it addresses pain points
  • Creativity
  • 'Digital-first' perspective
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