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US Problem Solvers: What should we name our new line of plant-based dips and dressings?
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19 months ago
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Our company, a major food producer, will soon introduce a line of plant-based products to be sold in grocery stores around America. This line includes creamy dressings and dips made with oat milk to achieve a smooth and creamy taste/texture without using dairy. It also includes delicious vinaigrettes made with veggies and herbs.

All products within this new brand are plant-based, dairy-free, egg free, nut free, and gluten-free. Our goal is to help consumers include plant-based foods in their lifestyle, without sacrificing flavor. That's why they will be available in your favorite craveable flavors like Ranch, Caesar, and Buffalo Ranch. 

Therefore, we want your ideas for an overarching brand name which helps to illustrate that these products are plant-based, but also irresistibly delicious foods you would want to serve to friends and family.

*This challenge is open to US solvers only as that's where this line of products will be available. Location will be verified and if