Can you build a podcast search engine using this API?
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7 months ago
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We live in the age of the podcast. It seems like almost everyone has one, with focuses ranging from broad news coverage to specific niche topics, with some podcasts being about nothing other than goofing off with friends. That podcast proliferation makes it difficult to keep up with what's new and interesting in the podcast world.

We want you to use API, plus any other public APIs you need, to build a deployable web app that will allow users to search, track, and recommend podcasts. 


Access the API here. Note: The Episode Data endpoint documentation is inaccurate - use podcast and url in place of podcast-url and episode-url respectively.

To solve this challenge, build a web application that provides:

  1. Data Visuals: Display the podcasts returned via search function, as well as key information about each podcast returned. Similarly, display the podcasts a user is subscribed to, as well as information that user might want to know at a glance about the subscriptions.
  2. Smart Searching: Give users the ability to search for podcasts by genre and by popularity.
  3. Smart Sorting: Based on how frequently each subscribed podcast has new episodes, which subscribed podcasts should the user listen to first in order to avoid falling behind? Assume the user is subscribed to the top 25 podcasts.

(Optional) Bonus features you may want to include:

  • The ability to see podcasts that have gained the most subscribers in a given period of time.
  • Recommendations within a genre.
  • Recommendations based on similarity to a user's subscriptions.
  • Generate a sample user's listening habits and subscriptions. How often
    would the user run out of podcasts to listen to? Which action would you take in response to that conclusion?
  • Whatever interesting and helpful features you can come up with!

*Required: In your submission, you will need a link to a live deployed website (eg Heroku, Github pages, etc) and a link to your repository with code.