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How do Millennials view premium pet food?
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44 months ago
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As the pay-extra-for-avocado generation, it's no surprise when studies show Millennials both expect and are willing to pay for premium ingredients in their food.  For example, 68% of Millennials will pay extra for organic food, and the majority place a higher value on foods that are responsibly sourced.  

How does this preference for premium play out when it comes to Millennials and their pets' food?  What kind of attributes do Millennials consider premium - and what are they willing to pay extra for - when choosing dry pet food for their beloved canine and feline friends?


We are interested in how Millennials view premium dry pet food.  Specifically, please answer the following:

  1. Do you have a dog or cat?  If so, what kind of pet food do you purchase and why?  
  2. What attributes or ingre