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What's your idea for keeping clothes "like new" wear after wear?
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40 months ago
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It's a sad day when you look in your closet and see that one of your go-to pieces of clothing looks irreversibly worn out. Before, it may have been perfect for that first date or big interview, but now it looks too faded, worn, pilled, shrunk, stretched out, stained, or threadbare to impress anyone.

With your help, we may be able keep clothes looking "like new" longer. By extending the prime life of clothes, you may not have to downgrade that statement piece to around-the-house wear anytime soon.


Tell us how we can extend that "like new" stage of clothing. Specifically:

  1. What new product could be applied to clothing or added to laundry wash cycles to achieve our goal? When in the journey of laundry--from washer to dryer to storage to wear--would you want this product? Explain what is in the product.
  2. When would the product be applied? What benefit does this have over other times when it might be applied?