Propose a fitting name for our new adhesive for homeowners
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38 months ago
Small pic hang photo 10x2 screw in drywall

Our company has recently developed a new line of innovative glues/adhesives designed to meet the needs of homeowners who often face instances of loose screws or fasteners within their daily lives. We need your help in creating a compelling name for the new product, which has the benefit of preventing metal screws and hardware around the house from loosening over time.

Homeowners all experience things like loose pot handles, loose drawer knobs or faucets, etc. The new adhesive represents an opportunity for homeowners to secure all these loose fasteners by placing a few drops directly onto the threads of screws or bolts. The product fills the gaps in the threads and then hardens securely bonding the metal fastener in place. In fact, over time we hope that homeowners would never want to use a screw or bolt without first applying our product.


Read more about our product and What qualities we want in a name below, then submit the following:

1a. Submit your name for our adhesive for homeowners such as: StayTite Sealer

1b. (Optional) Include a tagline such as: “No screw is secure without it”

1c. (Optional) Include a heavy descriptor such as: Knob & Hardware Adhesive

2. Give a brief description of why this name is a fit for our product and goals.

3. (Optional) Include images, mock ups, advertisement, packaging ideas or any other visuals that fit with your name and our product!

Bonus: Submit multiple names, taglines, and heavy descriptors!

Learn about our new adhesive:

- View this image showing the product, it’s application, and key benefits.

- Will be marketed to homeowners.

- Will be sold in home hardware and mass merchandise stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or Wal-Mart.

- Specifically for metal-to-metal threaded connections (screws, bolts, etc).

- Fills the voids and air pockets between threads.

- Is actually a liquid plastic which hardens in the presence of metal and the absence of air.

- Is housed in a convenient pen-type dispenser ideal for a kitchen junk drawer or similar storage place.

- Is water resistant & withstands up to 300°F (dishwashable, etc).

- Comes in both a removable and permanent formula.

What qualities should your name have?

- We want you to create and invent new names which concisely convey the market positioning, benefit, promise and functional use of the product.

- Names should Appeal to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

- Names should appeal to both men and women who may face these household issues.

- Avoid names which convey a highly technical aspect or make the product seem too difficult to use.

- The new names should be smart/clever and compelling but avoid a “hokey” or humorous tone.

Other things to consider: