Propose a healthy baked good for the entire family
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Immaculate Baking Company is looking for new product ideas for baked goods that will not only taste great for the whole family, but will also provide one of the following:

1) Nutrition-packed calories that are healthier than the typical baked good
2) Natural nourishment delivered from ingredients with inherent benefits
3) Consistent power/energy throughout the day for consumers

Before solving the challenge, please familiarize yourself with our current products by reviewing the following links, as your ideas should be consistent with our brand.

1) Immaculate Baking Co website
2) Facebook page

Salt and sweets bread

Please complete the following:
1) Describe your baked good idea in detail. What are the consumer benefits and distinctive features?

2) List the ingredients you would use, and describe any special flavors, spices, or toppings that would be unique to your solution.

3) Attach an artistic rendering showing what your idea would look like. Include any unique packaging that you think would make your solution more marketable.

Criteria: We are interested in a wide range of different product options for this challenge. If you need some direction to get started, then the list of acceptable solution types below should help:

1) Ready-to-eat, dry mix, frozen or refrigerated dough
2) Ideas for any meal, snack, or dessert occasion (sweet or savory)
3) Ideas made with alternative or non-modern grains, such as oats, barley, whole grain wheat, quinoa, teff, sorghum, etc. are encouraged!

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