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Propose a method to measure space utilization
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As a warehouse owner, it is important to know how much a given space is being utilized at any particular time. Although a building may be 100 percent leased, it can be difficult to predict how much of the leased space is actually being utilized by the tenant. Having the ability to measure this across multiple tenants in multiple geographic markets would provide a powerful planning tool that would help to predict indicators like occupancy, rent, demand, etc..

About the Company: Prologis ( owns and operates 600 million square feet of industrial distribution space around the world. This space is leased to a variety of logistics and distribution customers such as DHL, FedEX, etc. The company is interested in a non-intrusive way to have visibility into what they call “space utilization”. Space utilization presently fluctuates depending on factors like seasonal demand and economic conditions.


Your goal is to measure space utilization without relying on your tenants. Propose a technology-based method of measuring how much empty space or full space there is at any given time so that you know how close you are to full capacity!

Write one paragraph describing the technology and one paragraph on how you would implement it.

CRITERIA: It is important that the method proposed be easy and relatively inexpensive to deploy, and one that can be monitored remotely so that data can be aggregated and analyzed over a large set of buildings allowing for a statistically significant data set.

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  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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