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Propose a product to improve remote communication between people

Logitech has been making accessories that help people better interact with their technology for over 30 years, and is constantly looking for ways to give people better experiences with technology. In recent years, technological advances have greatly enhanced the ability to connect remotely located people over phone, chat, video conferencing and social media. However, there still remains a huge difference between connecting online and meeting face to face.

We are seeking ideas for a product that will create much richer communication between two or more remotely located people. Think about non verbal communication and exchange of ideas, feelings and objects. The goal is to make remote communication feel every bit as rich as being in the same room.

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23 months ago

Please submit:
1) A written description that describes your idea (must be a physical product), the design and its functional attributes
2) An artistic rendering (drawing, diagram, mockup, etc.) of your product to show how it works
3) Explain the user experience for your idea

Remember, this needs to be a physical product, not just an app. Avoid any ideas that are already patented, in market or on Kickstarter/Indiegogo.

Solutions will be judged on:
a) Creativity – How is your solution a game changing technology/user experience?
b) Technical feasibility – is the solution something that can be imaginably feasible in the next 3-5 years

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