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Propose a usable packaging idea for cosmetic products

Companies are becoming more aware that resources are limited and what consumers have traditionally thrown away has value. This is especially important for new packaging technologies where the package can be transformed to be part of the product.

An example of this would be the edible membrane that “Ooho” uses to package drinking water. Instead of using plastic bottles, the water is encapsulated in an edible gelatinous membrane. We are interested in similar breakthroughs for makeup and cosmetics (ex. package can be a pre-cleanser/exfoliant)

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21 months ago

Please complete the following:

1) Choose a specific cosmetic product (can be makeup or skin care) and describe how you think packaging for this product can become an active, usable source of benefits for the consumer.

2) What are the specific benefits of the usable packaging and what does it add to the overall customer experience?

3) How is your packaging idea different from what is currently available?

4) How does your idea solve problems with existing packaging for your chosen product?

5) Attach an artistic rendering of what your new type of packaging would look like, and show how it could be advertised to catch the attention of consumers.

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