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Propose new ways to make crystalline sugar
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Sugar is important to our business and we are looking for new ways to make it. For this challenge, we want to focus on producing crystalline sugar of <20 microns.


Propose a method of producing crystalline sugar (sucrose) at less than 20 microns, d82, without a post production particle size reduction step (e.g. milling)

Be sure to include:

- Scientific concepts to back up your solution

- An explanation of how you would produce your solution in the lab


1) Solution needs to be food grade, allergen free, and GMO (genetically modified organism) free

2) Final sugar product should not contain more than 1% water

3) Solutions should ideally be submitted in Microsoft office compatible files

Additional Guidelines:

1) Assume that the raw plant fibre milling and juice extraction, sulfonation, alkalization, and clarification are handled elsewhere, while only the crystallization of filtered sugar syrup is the main focu