Propose the best way to tell a story through photos and videos
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Telling a story with real time images and videos from personal experiences can be a very compelling way to communicate and share. We are seeking a low-cost way to capture and edit real time photos or video footage taken from a smart phone (iphone, android, etc) or any mobile device (ipad, etc) where segments can be quickly and easily edited together into a video story on a mobile device.

The biggest reason we need this solution is to save time. We will have HOURS of video tape that we want to edit to ~3-5 minutes of highlights – yet not spend hours and hours editing. Compare it to reading a paper book and using a highlighter to quickly highlight the most interesting parts. How can we do something similar to flag the best video segments when we see them in real time?


Please submit your proposed idea with the following deliverables:

1) A written description of your low-cost solution, what technologies would be required and at what cost

2) Include in your description how the solution works on a mobile device to create at least a 60 second video segment from photos and video. Walk us through the user experience.

3) OPTIONAL: Create a 60 second video from photos and video content that demonstrates your solution in action.


Proposed solutions may include mobile apps and other technologies as needed, so long as the solution supports capturing & editing of images and videos on a mobile device, and also sharing through virtual channels (text, email, social media etc).

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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