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Help us attract, hire, and retain tech talent more effectively
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Attracting, hiring, and retaining technical talent continues to be incredibly competitive in today's economy. Candidates are aware of this competition among employers, and it has changed what talent looks for when joining a company and what motivates them to accept an offer and stay with an organization.

As a large provider of technology products and services, we are interested to learn what we can do to best position ourselves to attract and retain technical talent in the modern workforce. Specifically, we are interested in sourcing ideas for roles within our technical pre-sales, solution architecture, technology engineering, technology field sales, IT, and digital groups.


Please answer the following:

1) As someone interested in tech roles, what things are most important to you when you look at joining a new company? 

2) For tech talent, what do you think the ideal employment package should look like for these specific elements:

  • Work culture
  • Working model (remote vs. in-person, flexible work arrangement, etc.)
  • Benefits (ex. healthcare, dental, commuter benefits, etc.)
  • Learning & development
  • Career growth & trajectory
  • Base salary ranges
  • Bonus amounts
  • Equity packages
  • Benefits (ex. healthcare, dental, commuter benefits, etc.)
  • Rewards & perks

3) What do you feel most companies are missing when it comes to their employment packages for tech roles?

4) What do you think are the key drivers of a positive employee experience? How can companies differentiate themselves to attract, develop, and retain tech talent given current market dynamics?

NOTE** - We have already explored the following employment package incentives, so please do NOT include them in your response

  • Competitive compensation
  • Moving tech talent from contract to permanent roles
  • Sponsoring immigration
  • Better company branding
  • Better training for tech recruiters
  • Supplemental training for tech talent
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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