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How can we increase the percentage of plastics being recycled?
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26 months ago
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Recycling is a process that has been a hot topic for years, but it is still a major issue. We are becoming increasingly aware that there is far too much single-use plastic packaging that ends up in landfills or our oceans, but solving this problem is complex.  

Products move from manufacturer to the consumer through several steps.  Products are packaged at the manufacturer, then put in cartons and possibly wrapped with a plastic film for shipping to a retailer’s warehouse.  From there, a carton might go to a store, along with other products, wrapped by plastic or could be repacked into a different carton or envelope to ship directly to a consumer.  Ready-to-eat food typically uses different types of packaging than something on the shelves in the middle of the supermarket.  

As a result, multiple types of plastic packaging find their way into the same places.  When consumers, or even companies, want to recycle their plastic, there may be several different types mixed together.  Imagine a soft drink bottle, a detergent bottle, a milk bottle, and plastic wrap all using different types of plastic, combined in a single bin for collection.  Or packaging that uses several types of materials, like a juice box. Mixed plastics are hard to recycle through the systems available today, so recycling rates remain low. 


We are interested in your ideas to increase the amount of consumers and companies who regularly recycle. Then, we want you to take the process a step further and tell us your ideas for how companies can use those recycled materials for their products and packaging. Specifically answer the following: 

  1. How can we develop a system to reduce the problem of mixed plastic waste – so that we can increase the volume of recycled plastics being used by manufacturers and retailers?
    1. What is your idea for a program, initiative, campaign, etc that will make the average  business or consumer recycle more plastic to enable more plastic recycling overall?
    2. How will the interest and engagement be sustained long-term?
  2. E-commerce is driving major increases in the amount of packaging and cartons being used to deliver products to consumers. 
    1. How can we reduce the amount of packaging required to deliver products from the manufacturer to warehouse, then to the retailer (for pickup) or to the consumer?
    2. Why will companies be interested in adopting this strategy?

Considerations: In order to provide the best possible idea(s) to this company, please consider researching environmentally conscious supply chain practices as well as mixed plastic waste so your submission is both creative and feasible! Don't be afraid to push the envelope - this is about saving the planet and "safe" ideas sadly won't make enough impact.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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Submission questions

How often do you recycle?

As much as possible (at home and when out)
Only at home
Only when it's easy to accomplish (so not that often)
Almost never