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Help us market & sell a new line of inspiration quotes & drawings
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17 months ago
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Hello MindSumo solvers! My name is Wade Forbes and I'm a co-founder of Redtale Communications. While it may seem strange for me to be posting this challenge as an individual, I'm excited to get your help with a problem I'm facing.

For some background, I spent 16 years in the cybersecurity space before I completely changed careers to follow my passion - drawing and illustration. I specialize in illustration, graphic recording & sketch noting, which is where organizations hire me to sit in on important meetings and events so I can capture the notes and key points in an engaging visual illustration. You can see examples of my work at

Like so many other small businesses, the client that was the majority of my income dried up overnight when Covid hit. Understandably, this brought a tremendous amount of stress & anxiety into my life. To try and cope with these negative effects of Covid, I began creating a daily image with an inspirational quote accompanied by an original drawing. Over time, this simple act of creating a daily dose of hopeful content helped me overcome the negative downward spiral I was experiencing, which is something I feel millions of people need right now.

I now have a library of over 220 of these drawings/quotes, and I'm anxious to figure out the best way to get this content into the hands of people who need a hopeful boost. I don't have experience setting up online stores or selling products, but I do know that I want the drawings to be purchased & viewed off of devices.

You can view my daily quotes/drawings by going to and scrolling to the images titled "DAILY QUARANTINE QUOTES"


Please answer the following questions:

1) What do you think is the best medium to use for selling my daily quarantine quotes? (ex. sticky note, branded mug, wrapping paper, calendars, etc.) Please provide an explanation for your choice

2) What strategy would you use to market & get the word out for my daily quarantine quotes? Why do you think your strategy would be successful?

3) What tools/platforms (ex. shopify, etsy, etc.) would you use to set up an online shop? Additionally, if you know of vendors, startups, or other resources that make this process easy, please include that information in your answer!

NOTE* Remember, my primary goal is to keep the quotes off of devices.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
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