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Reimagine museums of the future
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24 days ago
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Museums are an integral part of every culture and society. Every time you travel to a new city or country, you would most likely go visit a local museum. Over the years, museums have pretty much stayed the same. How do you reimagine museums of the future? 


Please answer the following:

  1. Do you like going to museums? If yes, what kind (history, art, science, etc.) and why? If you answered no, please explain why.
  2. How can museums innovate?
  3. How can museums use technology to reach a wider global audience that can’t physically visit a museum? 
  4. Would you visit a museum digitally? Please explain. 
  5. What is the ideal museum experience like? Think of what museums can do to attract the Gen-Z audience. 
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale