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What's your design for a drilling robot that can navigate tunnels?
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39 months ago
Small pic existing drilling rig from london bechtel

Underground rail subway systems are in almost every major metropolitan area around the world providing convenient transportation for the public.  These networks of underground tunnels have all kinds of infrastructure mounted in them; like cables, conduits, communications devices, ventilation, and fire suppression systems, all which need to be upgraded and maintained over the years of operation.  In order to upgrade all of this infrastructure and mount new equipment to the tunnel walls you have drill holes--hundreds of thousands of holes--into the concrete tunnel walls. This is currently done by human-hand with a drill and takes way too long, we need to change this. We want to do all drilling robotically.

When any maintenance or upgrades occur in the subway tunnels the trains have to be shut down to allow for construction teams to get into the tunnels.  Therefore, typically this work occurs at night when the subway is closed down.  This still only leaves the construction teams 4 or 5 hours to actually work before they have to get out of the tunnels so that the trains can restart their serv