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Define haircare in 2030: Your chance to be heard
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Seize the opportunity to let your voice define the future of haircare! We are launching an exclusive challenge for the right community of solvers to participate in an innovation survey!

Ever wondered about the future of haircare? How could technology/digital solutions change our daily routines? We have garnered a portfolio of ideas that boldly envision what that future could look like. In order to participate, please access the link below to get started! Your answers will help to shape future innovation efforts and you will be awarded if you complete the survey. Join now!


Steps to Participate:

  1. Click the access link below.
  2. Answer a set of screening questions to confirm your eligibility.
  3. Spend 10mins to answer a set of survey questions and provide your opinions.
  4. You will be rewarded with $4 via PayPal transfer through the MindSumo platform if you qualify and complete the full survey.  Payment may take 1-2 weeks after completion.

Survey Link:

**NOTE** Only participants who pass the eligibility screening questions and complete the full survey will receive the $4 reward

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