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How would you improve or reduce secondary packaging during shipping?
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When most people think of product packaging, they think of what is called Primary Packaging. This is the packaging that most closely touches a product, and is what you typically see on the shelves in a retail setting. For example, the actual bag of a bag of chips, the cardboard box of a juice box, a matchbox, etc.

What we don't sometimes consider is what's called Secondary Packaging. This is the packaging that is used while transporting products that are already in their primary packaging. Its main goals are to protect products and provide branding during transit/shipping. Most of this packaging is discarded once the shipment arrives at its destination. Examples of secondary packaging include things like:

  • The plastic rings that hold a six pack of cans together
  • Cardboard boxes that hold cases of beverages together
  • Plastic wrap used to keep products in place on when transported on pallets

For this challenge, we'd like to understand your thoughts on secondary packaging, its usefulness, and whether there might be ways to improve how it's used. Specifically, we are interested secondary packaging that is ONLY used during transit and does not end up in the hands of consumers.

NOTE - Check out the attached JPEG to see visual examples of secondary packaging


Please answer the following questions:

1) Do goods that have secondary packaging influence your purchasing decisions? Why/why not?
2) What do you perceive as the main benefits of Secondary packaging? 
3) Do you feel secondary packaging is necessary? Why/why not?
4) Propose a solution to transform how secondary packaging is used in shipping

  • Your idea should focus on a specific example of secondary packaging that is familiar to you
  • Your solution should improve or innovate on the current way secondary packaging is used during transit. 
  • Remember, we want you to focus on NON-CONSUMER facing packaging (never goes home with the consumer)

OPTIONAL: Provide some primary research (ex. photos, examples) of secondary packaging you notice in your own life. This could be in your home, or out at retail/grocery settings.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Additional Materials:
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