Can you optimize and predict emergency calls?
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An increase in a city's population surges the number of emergency call volume and response rate. Additionally, the services that are dispatched for various calls need to look for trends in order to be better prepared in the case of an emergency.

For this challenge, we're providing you with public data from the San Francisco Fire Department that contains dispatch information for emergency calls, with call time, location, and dispatch.

This challenge closes March 25th. 


Get the data set here
To solve this challenge, build a web application or web page that provides:

  1. Data Visuals: Display or graph 3 metrics or trends from the data set that are interesting to you.
  2. Given an address and time, what is the most likely dispatch to be required?
  3. Which areas take the longest time to dispatch to on average? How can this be reduced?

(Optional) Bonus features:

  • Heat maps: Add heat maps that show dispatch frequency, urgency over the city.
  • Crime correlation: Based on the type of dispatch and the frequency of dispatch, show the most calm and safe neighborhoods in the city
  • Preparing for the future: Which areas are experiencing the greatest increase in dispatch calls? Where and what type of dispatch service would you place to help with the rate of increasing calls?
  • Adding bonus features may help distinguish you from other submissions.

*Required: In your submission, you will need a link to a live deployed website (eg Heroku, Github pages, etc) and a link to your repository with code.