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Shake up the vehicle ownership model
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69 months ago
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We expect vehicle ownership to dramatically change over the next decade. Current financing and service structures are often rigid, which can be a source of pain points in vehicle ownership. Many other aspects of vehicle ownership cause frustration, and we want to be the first manufacturer to change that experience for our customers.

As we think about the end-to-end vehicle ownership experience, we're inspired by the trend toward sharing (e.g. Airbnb) and technology enabled experiences (e.g. apps, wearables, digital identity, mobile commerce, etc).


Consider a future, hassle-free experience for owning or accessing a personal, internet-connected vehicle. Then complete every section of the following deliverables:

1. Define the stages of your future vehicle ownership experience

1a. Outline and describe each of these stages

1b. Why will users love your new ownership experience?

2. Select ONE element of your future experience that makes the biggest improvement versus today.

2a. Why is this element of vehicle ownership as it exists today so unpleasant?

2b. How does your new experience alleviate this unpleasantness?

2c. How can we w