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We  already know younger generations (we're talking to you, Millennials and Gen Z) are more likely to switch from job to job, but the same goes for their banks!  Since choosing a bank doesn't necessarily mean a long-term commitment, financial institutions want to attract and retain younger customers by offering them the banking options and tools they desire the most.  We want your help in delivering the banking experience that real consumers are looking for.  So you tell us: what should the future of banking look like?


We are interested in actionable ideas for the future of banking that will really appeal to customers. Specifically, answer the following:

  1. Tell us about your current banking situation:
    1. What made you choose the bank / financial institution you use today? 
    2. What do you like the most about it?  (Could be a technology they use, a service they provide, interest rates, etc.)
    3. What is the one thing you would most like to change about your current bank to improve your experience?
  2. What is something new that a bank could do or offer in the coming years?  It could be a new service, a new type of banking account or product,  a new method of interfacing with people's daily lives, or something else entirely. (Your idea should be something that isn't offered currently that you would love to see in the future; something that would make you rave about your bank and recommend it to others.  It could even be something that isn't possible today - use your imagination!)
  3. Why would bank customers love your idea if it was brought to life?  Is there a demographic which your idea would appeal to or benefit the most (could be based on location, age, financial status, etc.)?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity & Detail
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