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How will the sharing economy impact commercial buildings?
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53 months ago
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Companies like Uber and Airbnb have introduced the world to an entirely new business model called the sharing economy that is disrupting how traditional businesses operate. This sharing economy is an ecosystem that promotes the sharing of human, physical, and intellectual resources to create more efficient and collaborative systems.

So far we've only seen the impact of this new model on personal space and items where every day people like you provide services for transportation and lodging. What happens when we take this concept and apply it to large office buildings where companies work? New companies like WeWork and Breather are breaking into this space but we haven't seen this trend in offices reach the popularity levels of Uber and Airbnb.

Traditionally companies would have a long term lease to own their own space and resources that is exclusive to only their employees. The sharing model provides on-demand space that is shared by an ever changing group of companies that have access to common resources. The shared space includes not just offices, but also conference rooms, lobby areas, elevators, cafeterias and so on.