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Demonstrate our protein-powering hair care product without animation or CGI
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30 months ago
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A new hair care technology is available that is proven to penetrate a hair fiber and make the protein inside more resilient and more resistant to damage. Take a look at this image showing the interior of a strand of hair to learn more. This is a great step for making hair stronger and healthier, but unfortunately this benefit isn’t directly visible on the outside of hair.

We want to make sure that consumers are able to fully understand this benefit, and use it to advertise as to why our product is the best for their hair’s health. However do not want to use CGI or animation, which means it will be difficult to fully explain how this benefit works. How can we show consumers the benefit of our penetrative protein resilience technology using analogies, metaphors or visual demonstration?


Propose a representation (no animation or CGI!) of our hair care technology penetrating a hair fiber, strengthening the proteins within, and making the hair more resillient as a result:

1. What is your representation of our tech penetrating the hair fiber and strengthening the proteins inside?

2. Provide an explanation of how your representation explains each part in the process:

a. Making the protein inside the hair more resilient

b. Making the hair as a whole stronger as a result

3. Why will consumers be receptive to this representation and be excited about our product as a result?

4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, CAD renderings, mock-ups, charts, graphs or any other demonstration of your representation

You can represent the process through a brief metaphor/explanation or a visual demonstration.

Bonus: Record a video of your visual demonstration or yourself explaining your representation (less than 3 min, shorter = better!) and post a YouTube or DropBox link at the top of your submission.

Example idea: A cord is plugged into a lamp, if the inside of the cord (wires, etc.) is damaged, the lamp itself cannot work or shine.

Things to consider:

- Simplicity is key! Anyone should be able to understand what our product is doing when they engage with your representation.

- Our goal here... We want to find a unique way to show off and succinctly explain this great new product innovation and get more consumers using our hair products. Submission that help us achieve this goal will win prizes.

- Do some science! A great place to start thinking about your representation could be a simple at home science demonstration.

Remember: we want to show the resilience of the hair and that the inside of the hair matters!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Top 10% share $1,000 Next 15% share $400 Next 25% share $200
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