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Create the shower of the future
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60 months ago
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Our houses have advanced video and security systems, smart thermostats, and even refrigerators that can check Twitter and display recipes. One critical part of our homes, despite used everyday by their residents, hasn’t been the subject of a charge into the future: our showers.

Certainly there is room for advancement in the way we bathe, but the innovative ideas that will make change haven’t been realized or implemented yet. At Anonymous Faucets and Fixtures, we want to improve the shower experience by creating tools that utilize the technological advances that have changed our lives in so many other ways.


Answer each item separately in a proposal for your shower or shower tool of the future:

1. What is your idea for a futuristic shower or shower tool?

2. What technologies does it utilize?

3. Why will consumers be excited about this product?

4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, CAD renderings, moc